Vision, Mission & Values

The vision of Kampala Family Clinic is to be among the top Family Practices in Kampala by the year 2025.

Our mission is to improve the health of families through excellence in clinical care, through equipping people with information they need to make quality health decisions for themselves and through research

We cherish and are committed to cultivating the following values:

1. Excelling at patient-centered care
Achieving patient-focused excellence through the highest standards of quality care, patient safety and patient satisfaction by:

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• Realizing that serving patients is the reason for our being
• Having a sincere concern for the care and welfare of each client
• Putting the patients’ needs first always, both in our actions and attitudes
• Realizing that patients are experts for their own lives; listening to them and valuing their opinions

• Maintaining a high level of competence and providing safe clinical care
• Reporting to duty on time and providing timely service
• Producing accurate, dependable outcomes
• Being trustworthy
• Being consistent

• Realizing that client needs and preferences are diverse; endeavoring to meet reasonable needs of each client
• Offering timely help to a client who needs it regardless of whether or not it is one’s core responsibility or seeing to it that that need is met by someone else who can
• Being approachable, receptive and helpful
• Anticipating client needs, both future and present, and acting to address those needs

• Caring for and treating clients the way we would a relative or friend
• Making the clinic environment comfortable
• Efficient service; avoiding unnecessary delays in the service delivery process
• Doing all we can to relieve stress and worry; being kind and reassuring

• Ensuring that our staff have the needed skills, expertise, motivation and personal qualities to carry out responsibilities effectively
• Consulting and taking advice from colleagues
• Making responsible effective use of resources
• Carrying out responsibilities diligently, methodically and professionally
• Complying with all laws, legislations and policies relevant to our work


2. Acting with Integrity

  • Being truthful and delivering on our promises
  • Not taking advantage of clients because of their vulnerability
  • Not soliciting bribes, gifts, donations etc… from clients or business associates
  • Doing our work honestly; keeping accurate records and presenting accurate reports to colleagues and clients
  • Responsible use of the resources entrusted to us
  • Keeping sensitive information about clients in strict confidence
  • Having an exemplary lifestyle; leading by example.

3. Respecting One Another

  • Not treating or speaking to clients or colleagues in a demeaning manner
  • Apologizing to those to whom an apology is due regardless of whether they are our seniors, peers or subordinates
  • Valuing the contributions, ideas and opinions of colleagues, patients and partners
  • Listening to others
  • Treating others fairly

4. Contributing to the Community

  • Taking part in social responsibility exercises
  • Extending care, whenever it is in our power to do so, to those that need it but may not be able to afford it
  • Organizing awareness campaigns on key health issues
  • Partnering with others in meeting healthcare needs of the community

5. Delivering through Teamwork and Improving through Systems Thinking

  • Integrating various experiences, talents and specialties through collaborative service delivery to optimize the care of patients
  • Each member of staff contributing to the core objectives of comfort, care, and recovery of each patient
  • Espousing and adopting a volunteering spirit; stepping in and assisting a colleague in need of help if it is in one’s ability to do so
  • Working to continuously improve ourselves, one another and our processes
  • Being cooperative and working amicably with colleagues
  • Soliciting and sharing constructive advice with colleagues in the interest of improving overall care to patients – teaching not just blaming

6. Embracing Accountability

  • Being good stewards of resources entrusted to us
  • Complying with established policies and procedures
  • Respecting those in authority and submitting to their direction
  • Assuming responsibility over our assignments and performing them to the best of our ability
  • Giving regular account of our responsibilities as required
  • Accepting responsibility for our decisions and their results, good or bad
  • Taking an honest evaluation of ourselves and our actions and taking action to improve ourselves


Kampala Family Clinic
1001 Susie Plaza,.
Ggaba Rd, Kampala
Tel: +256( 312) 265 525
       +256( 414) 576 698

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