Pediatrics Clinics

Pediatrics Clinics
Our Pediatrics Department has a team of child specialists who are dedicated to giving you professional advice on child health and to give your child the special care they need in a kid-friendly non-threatening environment. The services on offer include:
General Pediatrics; we investigate and treat all medical conditions commonly seen in children on an out-patient basis.

Specialized Treatment; we help arrange referrals and promptly link clients with unique conditions and complications to our network of appropriate specialists/institutions-both within and outside Uganda-for more effective treatment.

Well-Baby Clinics; these are held to prevent the onset of diseases and for the early detection of risk factors in babies to allow for timely interventions. We conduct growth monitoring, general health and neuro-development assessments, immunizations, health and nutrition education, de-worming, hearing and vision screening and TB screening for children at risk among others.

Pre-Term Clinics; we do follow-up on prematurely born babies up to the safe age of about 2 years.

Sickle Cell Clinic; we provide routine care and follow up on children with sickle cell disease.


Pediatrics Specialists Available Mondays, Thursdays And Saturdays. You Can Conveniently Fix An Appointment By Calling Us, Emailing Us, Or By Filling In And Submitting The Appointment Form On The Home Page.


Kampala Family Clinic
1001 Susie Plaza,.
Ggaba Rd, Kampala
Tel: +256( 312) 265 525
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